Support the Concerto Program

Help talented hardworking musicians and community orchestras.

The Concerto Program offers advanced amateur and pre-professional musicians an opportunity to solo in a concerto with a fine orchestra. The costs of the program — which are borne by the soloists — are substantial. The biggest cost is in hiring an orchestra, but there are many other significant costs as well.

The Program is a little Underfunded

Although the soloists pay a great deal for the program, it is still a bit underfunded. We are trying to keep the program financially within reach of ordinary people who are not rich, so we do not want to raise prices.

We wish we could offer scholarships

Additionally, there are no funds to provide scholarships, although there are many people who would benefit from the program but cannot afford it.Support from the musical community would be very much appreciated.

The program helps support community orchestras.

We pay our collaborating orchestras to work with us on this program. This money is absolutely unrestricted, and they can use it wherever they need it most.

Please support the program

The soloists are all people who have worked very hard at their music and accomplished a great deal, but have little opportunity to play for audiences, and no opportunity to play concertos. There are quite a few of these people, and they really are in need of a program that works for them.

Would you send a donation? It would be so much appreciated, and will be well used. Moxart is a 501c(3) non-profit organization; donations are deductible as per the law. Email to make a pledge and for instructions for sending funds.