Moxware allows you to control your organization: clients, donors, members, programs, scheduling,financials, governance, compliance, and so forth with just one integrated software system. The software will be available to you via the Internet and you can use most browsers to access it. You do not have to install special equipment or maintain anything yourself.

  • Fully Integrated — run your entire organization in one place
  • Easy to use — logically organized
  • Very flexible — will fit your unique organization
  • Awesome reporting
  • Idiot proof (not expert proof — no one can do that)
Just as a simple example, an organized, consistent program of contacting your donors will yield much more in contributions than a spotty effort. That can be achieved in a cost-effective way without putting additional burden on your staff. And Moxware can provide just that kind of help to you.

Moxart is experienced in writing easy-to-use, friendly systems, so that you can quickly train your staff to use them. The software is completely integrated, which means:

  • once you are logged on you can do everything you need to do without switching to another system
  • everything works the same way, which minimizes training time and reduces errors
  • each data item needs to be entered only once no matter how you use it; so if you enter a client, who later becomes a donor, you don’t need to repeat the entry.
  • all the data is accessible for every purpose — nothing needs to be reformated or transferred

There will be a low monthly charge. You can start using Moxware whenever it is convenient. After the first month, contracts are for six months. Pricing is available at .

We can promise all this because the software already exists. It is currently being ctersted on the Web and should be available 3rd quarter 2017.

Version 1 includes:

  • People
    Enter and maintain basic information on all your clients, donors, prospects, and others you work with. This fundamental information is mainly addresses, phone numbers, email, and company affiliations. However, you may also keep track of where you acquired your clients and donors, providing excellent analysis opportunities.

    Based on this information you can create and manage telephone, mailing and emailing campaigns. The mail pieces can all be created within Moxware, including envelopes or labels for paper mailings. Emails can be sent directly from Moxware.

  • Donor Management
    Your donors may offer funds for specific projects, such as acquisitions, capital improvements, artist in residence, endowed chairs, etc. Or they may kindly offer unrestricted donations. Moxware allows you to track what was pledged, what project it supports, what was paid, and interactions with your donors. This includes sending payment reminders, and sending letters of thanks and acknowledgement.
  • Activities
    What people do. Moxware contains a full registration system for classes, lectures, exhibitions or any other kind of program. You can record all ticket purchases, separate ticket purchases by location or price, and create lists for entry to events (issuing tickets comes in a later version). You can enter any other information you wish to maintain such as inquiries, contacts, applications, registration dates.
  • Programs and Projects
    Your organization has many programs, for example: holding conferences, putting on performances, mounting exhibitions, running classes, etc. This module allows you to keep track of each program and the tasks needed to successfully complete it. In addition to the programs to serve your clients, you have other projects needed to maintain your organization. For example, you may have a project to acquire property or fix the roof on the property you have; you may rent premises and that rental can be a project; you may hire contractors to help fulfill your mission; you run board meetings which have notification requirements and produce minutes; etc.

    Managing your programs and projects with Moxware allows you to keep track of all the tasks you have to do; all the interactions with your clients and donors; and most important, your money.

  • Accounting
    The Programs and Projects module captures financial data such as money you committed, money you spent for each Program or Project; and money your clients and donors committed as well as how much they have paid. This is your basic financial information. Moxware provides income statements for you based on this data; and you can produce reports about receivables,send bills to late payers, etc.
  • Registration
    You must register your clients for each program you offer. Registration seems straightforward, but it never is. For each client you need to keep track of basic costs, additional cost items, discounts, and/or incentives. You have to update your data and pricing when people change their minds. You also need to track payments. (registration from your website comes in a later version).

Moxart will offer customized reports at prices which begin as low as zero (depending on what is wanted). If you have an administrative task that is not addressed by the modules below, please tell us. We may well have software available which has not been deployed; or we may be able to provide a custom module for you at very favorable pricing.

  • Reporting
    Moxware ad-hoc reporting is so powerful that providing specific reports seems redundant and wasteful. There could easily be thousands of canned reports for your viewing pleasure, but most of them would not be of interest to any individual user. And for sure, you are going to want some information that is not in any pre-written report.

    The ad-hoc reporting involves checking boxes, which produces a complete formatted report. The process can take as little as one minute. You can ask anything and as you work with the reporting system, you will find you can easily answer dozens of questions as they come up. How many customers do we have in CT? Has everyone paid in full for this program? What did this vendor bid and how much did we pay? Have we sent a refund to John Smith? and when did we do that? How many customers came to us via our website? Samantha Jones wants to know why you billed her for $1024 when she thinks it should have been $954. You can answer these and thousands more questions quickly and easily.

    Considerable power comes to your organization due to this ad hoc reporting facility. Instead of guessing or estimating, you can find out exactly, and you can do it with a few keystrokes. Our experience is that unexpected questions come up all the time, and it is wonderful to be able to quickly get answers.

Future Versions:

  • Customization
    Your organization is unique, and thus you may want to store and report on data that the Moxware Core System does not include. For example, if you are running an orchestra, you may want to include information about what instrument each member plays. If you are a school, you may wish to track what degrees your faculty have.

    The Moxware customization feature will be available in the next core version. You will be able to make your own adjustments to the core system by filling in a form.

  • Documents
    Those documents do pile up, even when we try to do everything on the computer. You have applications, minutes, regulatory forms, pictures and much else that you might wish to retrieve easily. A basic document management system will be integrated in the future.
  • Governance
    You hold board meetings, make resolutions, and create minutes. You file regulatory forms. The Version 1 Core Module allows you to track that these things happened. You can also create and distribute minutes via email. A future version will provide document management, so that you can store your minutes and resolutions in Moxware and quickly retrieve them as desired.
  • Regulatory Forms
    You must file form 990 and if you have any contractors form 1099 misc. A future version will create the information which must go on these forms.
  • Calendar
    Your projects and activities will be linked to a calendar, so that you know exactly what you have to do and when.
  • Ticketing
    Moxware will incorporate an e-ticketing module, so that you can actually issue tickets if you wish. While it is easy enough to email tickets from the Version 1 Core Module, this is not a good practice. You need some controls so that no one prints and uses a ticket twice, and that is what will be added.
  • E-Registration
    If your clients submit registration forms online, Moxware will provide software to get that information into the core system, and store the forms.
  • Program Scheduling
    You have programs and events and people attending them. You want to make sure people are scheduled for what they wish to attend, and that no one is scheduled to be in two places at once. You have to use the facilities available to you — you can’t schedule events into rooms you don’t have. You want to put events involving many people in rooms large enough to hold them; and events that require special equipment into rooms where that equipment is available. You may have many more requirements. There is no way to make a complicated problem like this simple. But Moxware Scheduling will allow you to meet your requirements in a reasonable timeframe, and make changes without difficulty.