Concerto Program Rules

Running the program smoothly

It is complicated to put the Concerto Program together. There are currently three orchestras and many constituencies to please: the soloists; the orchestra boards, players and conductors; the management of the venue; and the audiences.

We must build a good program for each orchestra out of the repertoire the soloists have chosen. There are obvious and non-obvious constraints. Among the obvious: we shouldn’t program the same piece twice in one performance. If there are two people playing the Grieg Piano Concerto, they must go with different orchestras. Less obvious but this comes up often: we should not program the same repertoire with the same orchestra in successive years. There are many, many other considerations. In short — it’s complicated.

Additionally, there are many DETAILS that must be attended to, beyond the basics of hiring the orchestras and conductors and reserving the venues. These include piano tuning, getting programs printed, dealing with tickets, arranging for videography, and much else.

To keep it all running smoothly, we have developed strong administrative procedures. But it takes all parties working together make the program a happy one for everyone. Please help us make the program a success by following the rules and guidelines below:

Moxart will choose the orchestra for each soloist.

We must create three good programs out of the repertoire selected by the soloists. We put a lot of thought into this, and once a decision has been made we will not change it.

The rehearsal schedule cannot be changed.

The orchestra can meet only at certain times, and we build the rehearsal schedule around those times.

The program for each concert cannot be changed.

Moxart and the conductor collaborate on creating the best program given the repertoire. There will be no changes to it.

Support your fellow soloists

Attend their rehearsals and the entire performance. Your positive input is very helpful.