Masters’ Chamber Music Concert

January 22, 2017

Chris Lee
Chris Lee
Following the concert, there will be an hour of question and answer. Chris and David have numerous suggestions which will improve your playing (if you play) — suggestions you are not likely to hear elsewhere. David is rather contrarian about techniques for mastering the piano. These unusual ideas work well, so if you’ve felt stuck this may be the day you start moving forward. Chris has a profound understanding of the depths of the music, and can offer much specific information about how to make your playing more compelling (whether you are a violinist or not).
A very special chamber music concert, with David Oei, piano and Chris Lee, violin, plus Andrea Lee, cello and Alan Murray, piano. David and Chris are not just excellent musicians, but compelling and unusual in their style and approach to music. They are wonderful to listen to. They have not played together for over 25 years, so this is a special event indeed.

David Oei
David Oei with wife Eriko Sato

The Program