Helping Non-Profits

Moxart Has Good Ideas For You

Moxart resources include over 60 combined years of highly successful management of not-for-profits. You can put that resource to work to help you build a more successful organization.

There must be an easier way

There must be an easier way. Moxart can help you find it.

Could you use another brain in your decision making or strategic planning? We are very skilled at cutting through conflicting issues so that you can focus on the critical points. Along with that, we make good decisions about managing the risks of new strategies.


Everyone is concerned about money — getting more and spending less. It is a big issue in any business, but especially in the not-for-profit world, where opportunities to increase revenue can be limited, and expenses hard to contain. While we are not magicians, we have had considerable success in dealing with money issues. Perhaps we can bring some new ideas to your financial situation.


Do you have certain difficulties in achieving your mission which recur over and over again? Sometimes they’ve been with you for so long that you get to thinking it is just the nature of your business. Maybe. But perhaps there is a solution that just hasn’t come to you, and a fresh approach from Moxart might produce some good answers.

Collapsed Building

Moxart can help you do it right the first time, so you don’t have to fix it later


It is much more rewarding to concentrate on fulfilling your mission than to deal with the (tedious?) administrative tasks of your organization. When you are short of time and resources — haven’t we all been there? It is natural to want to cut corners on (boring) administrative tasks, rather than shortchange your mission.

But that can be costly to your organization financially, as well as causing future aggravation such as having to straighten out records, comply with regulatory mandates, or try analyze your business for better performance from disorganized records.

Moxart can:

  • offer you Moxware , a comprehensive computer program to perform all your tasks in a quick and efficient fashion. Moxware is available online, and there is a small monthly charge.
  • can complete some of your tasks for you. The other is that Moxart can do administrative tasks for you. If you are temporarily short of help; if you need to try something out and don’t want to commit staff to it; if you have work falling through the cracks; or if you have a job that just seems too complex — ask us.
In Short

We can offer decision making assistance; ideas for generating revenue and containing costs; simplification and improvement of administrative procedures; management of benefit events; and much more, on an as needed basis. And the costs are very reasonable.

Why not try Moxart and see if we can help. An initial one hour consultation is free of charge. We’ll give you an honest answer about whether we can be effective in your particular situation. Use our contact page to email us. click here