Chamber Music Gems

Play the chamber music you love the most. Fine professional musicians make up your group and provide coaching. That’s right — you will be the only amateur in the group.

Next Program is Thursday, Friday, Saturday November 8,9,10
in Philadelphia, PA at the Germantown Settlement Music School.

  • Play any music you want, including piano, strings, winds and brass
  • Any instrument accepted
  • No auditions
  • Six hours of rehearsal, performance optional, scheduled practice time
  • Wonderful facility — excellent pianos, rooms, performance space

Program Details

  • Schedule for Thursday and Friday
    • You will have three playing sessions: 9:00 – 10:30 a.m.; 10:45 – 12:15p.m.; 1:30 – 3p.m. You will be scheduled for a rehearsal in two of the sessions, and for individual practice in the third.

      Lunch is catered both days from 12:15 to 1:30. You can get acquainted with your fellow participants, and make evening plans with them if you wish.

  • Saturday
    • There is a 2p.m. performance in the concert hall (party afterwards). Two concert Steinway grand pianos are available. Your guests are welcome at no charge. You should plan your performance time to be 15 minutes or less, as we need to keep the length of the concert manageable. If there is a good reason for an exception, we will bend the 15 minute rule (slightly).
  • Repertoire/Instruments
    • You may play any instrument and you choose your repertoire. Most chamber music can be accommodated, including use of winds and brass. You should bring enough material to make good use of your 6 hours of rehearsal time. You may bring up to two different works for serious rehearsal. You may also bring repertoire just to read.

      Piano repertoire suggestions are available here.
  • Players/Coaching
    • Your playing partners will be fine professional musicians, who will provide coaching if you wish. If none play your instrument, you may request coaching on your instrument (at extra charge). For example, if you are the pianist in a piano trio, the other players will be a violinist and cellist; you can request a pianist to coach you.
  • Auditions
    • none
  • Facility
    • All rehearsal rooms are large enough for chamber groups and have good Steinway grand pianos; some, including the Concert Hall, have two. The facility is available to us from 9a.m. to 3p.m.on Thursday and Friday.
  • Housing/Meals
    • Other than the lunches provided please make your own arrangements.
  • Costs/ Registration
  • Cancellations/Refunds
    • If you drop out before 9/15/2012 we will refund your deposit less $250 to defray the extra expenses of making new arrangements. If you drop out after that, we will refund as much of your deposit as we can — this depends on how close to the program date you drop out, and whether we can find a replacement for you. Please understand that once we have hired professional players for you, we must pay them, whether you attend or not; and we are locked into other costs as well, even if you are not there.

      If you drop out for a documented medical reason, the refund policy remains the same; however, we will apply retained deposits minus $250, to any future Moxart program for which you register.

A Note About Your Fees: This type of program incurs significant costs. From largest to smallest your fees are used for: your musicians; facilities rental; overhead such as insurance, legal, office costs, etc.; Moxart bank account (very small amount).

Questions: 610-668-8807 or