Moxart’s musical mission is to provide unusual opportunities for amateur musicians to play, perform, learn, and enjoy. Three programs are now running:

  • The Moxart Concerto Program (annual)where very advanced amateurs may rehearse and perform a concerto with orchestra.
  • The Open Recital Program (quarterly) where anyone can perform in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.
  • PYPA, the Philadelphia Young Pianists’ Academy (annual) which serves very talented pre-professional pianists with an intensive week of study and performance.

The Moxart website also provides lists of repertoire which may be helpful to pianists looking for ideas. These lists are :

  • Piano Chamber Music
  • Often played piano concertos
  • Seldom played piano concertos (some of these are quite good)


For those who are always running out of things to read, Moxart maintains a booklist. It is all fiction and practically all contemporary. To make the list a book has to be very interesting and written in a simple and uncontrived style.